We have provision of Business visa for investors and businessmen/women investing and undertaking business in Nepal.  Visa is issued by DOI upon receipt of following documents from applicant.

  • Online Application
  • Recommendation letter from Department of Industry or concerned line agency of Government
  • Bio Data  ( for first time applicants)
  • Foreign Investment Acceptance letter from the Department of Industry
  • Copy of Company Registration Certificate
  • Copy of PAN/VAT certificate
  • Copy of Share certificate
  • Copy of Industry Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Passport and latest visa
  • Latest tax clearance (regular visa)
  • Industry Monitoring and Supervision report
  • Progress report of company or industry (for renewal)

Unlike other Non Tourist Visa, Business visa is issued for at least a  month up to 1 year / for whole five years at a time.

Business Visa Fee

Business Visa Processing fee varies with the amount of investment made.

                                Investor investing less than 10 million (NRS) – USD 30/month, USD300/year, USD 1000 for five years

                                Investor Investing more than 10 million (NRS) – USD 10/month, USD100/year, USD 300 for five years

                                Investor Investing more than 100 million (NRS) – No Charges

If Business Visa applicant has made investment of more than 10 million (NRS), ‘Share Details’ is mandatory along with other necessary documents for visa processing.

Business Visa regardless of time period entails multiple Re-entry facility.