From Kathmandu to Halesi - Halesi Heli Tour

The importance of a visit to this sacred place cannot be described in a short paragraph. Halesi known as the 'Pashupatinath' of eastern Nepal, lies in Khotang district in Eastern Nepal. The hill top temple of Halesi Mahadev is a sacred Hindu pilgrimage site. Situated between the two holy rivers of Dudh Koshi and Sun Koshi, this temple is also known as 'Pashupatinath' of eastern Nepal. The shrine of Mahadev is located inside a cave. There are two small caves, dedicated to Nandi and Bhairav, adjoining the main cave. It is believed that the deity of this temple, Haleshwor Mahadeva, really fulfills the desires of His devotees.


Block flying time: 1.5 hrs (1:30 HH/MM)

Ground time : 1 hr at Halesi

Pax Size : 5 pax max

Net Amount : USD 2,200/-